6 FSBO Scripts To Get More Listings

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Many For-Sale-By-Owners firmly believe they can successfully sell their homes without the assistance of a real estate agent while maximizing their profit. However, the reality tells a different story. According to a study conducted by the National Association of Realtors, the average FSBO home sells for $185,000, in stark contrast to the $240,000 achieved with the help of a professional agent. This striking $55,000 discrepancy underscores the undeniable advantages of working with an agent, even after factoring in a 6% commission. In essence, sellers stand to gain over $40,000 more by choosing to list their property with a qualified agent. And this is precisely where your expertise comes into play.

As a trained and licensed agent, you possess insights that For-Sale-By-Owners typically lack. Whether it involves appropriately preparing and pricing a home, navigating complex paperwork, or adhering to realistic selling timelines, the value you bring to FSBOs can translate into substantial financial gains for all parties involved. In addition to understanding the financial benefits of working with a licensed agent, effective communication is key when approaching For-Sale-By-Owners (FSBOs). To help you excel in this regard, we’ll introduce six FSBO scripts aimed at improving your listing prospects and fostering meaningful connections with potential clients. These scripts will equip you with the language and strategies needed to navigate the FSBO landscape with confidence, securing more listings and establishing your reputation as a trusted real estate professional. Let’s delve into these scripts to boost your success in real estate.

Script #1: “Get to know the FSBO” – Jared James

Jared James, a seasoned entrepreneur, has honed his skills by initially starting from the bottom and gradually ascending the ranks in the real estate industry. He specializes in understanding the behavior and preferences of For Sale By Owner (FSBO) property sellers, offering meticulously crafted scripts that enable agents to engage with budget-conscious homeowners effectively. With an in-depth knowledge of why people often reject real estate agents, Jared’s scripts not only address objections but also illustrate how they can be advantageous if handled adeptly, making him a valuable resource for agents seeking success in the field.

Script #2: “The Right Approach” – Fit Small Business

The following two scripts, as recommended by Fit Small Business, are versatile for use with FSBO listings, regardless of how long they have been on the market. Fit Small Business advocates for concise yet amicable FSBO scripts that foster relationship-building while maintaining focus. These scripts effectively address the need to avoid lengthy phone conversations and the perception of robotic interactions.

Script #3: “No Excuses” – Chastin J. Miles

This script, endorsed by Chastin J. Miles, promises to boost your appointment-closing rate by 50-60%, making it a crucial resource. As a trusted figure in the real estate community, Chastin’s mission is to empower and train the next generation of agents. This script teaches you how to secure opportunities even after a “NO” from FSBO sellers, with Chastin advocating call recording for self-improvement. By using this script and learning from your calls, you can increase your success and avoid repeating mistakes.

Script #4: “The Classic” – Mike Ferry

The Mike Ferry Organization, with over 45 years of industry experience, stands as one of real estate’s most trusted coaching programs due to its proven track record of producing tangible results. Their scripts, exemplifying their commitment to excellence, are no exception.

This FSBO script is expertly crafted to guide you in asking the right questions at the perfect moments, yielding optimal outcomes. While it might seem intricate at first, don’t hesitate to give it a try. You may be pleasantly surprised by its simplicity and effectiveness.

Countless individuals have achieved success with this script, and you can too. Even if it initially feels robotic or unnatural, commit to using it for 30 days. This allows you to adapt it to your unique voice and style, effectively catering to the needs of your FSBO leads. Give it a shot, and watch your results soar!

Script #5: “The Easygoing Approach” – Brandon Mulrenin

Brandon Mulrenin achieves a remarkable annual listing of 30-50 FSBOs through his proven approach, mindset, and, crucially, his highly effective FSBO script. He has centered his career on what he calls his “2.0” script, and in a video, he meticulously dissects it, offering insights into why each question is designed to secure the listing. Brandon’s script fosters a relaxed and comfortable conversation, removing the pressure. If a more laid-back approach aligns with your style, this script is a valuable asset to consider.

Script #6: “Objection Handling” – Jackie Kravitz

Jackie Kravitz, renowned for her success in handling tough objections in real estate, closed 125 deals in just 150 working days, with 95% of her business from Expireds and FSBOs. She has crafted an effective script to teach you how to address the common FSBO objection, “I don’t want to pay your commission.” Learn how to position yourself as the homeowner’s smartest choice to secure more listings and close deals.

Among these six FSBO scripts at your disposal, you’re sure to discover one that perfectly aligns with your personal style and suits your specific market conditions. Feel free to test them out and determine which ones resonate most effectively with your approach. Don’t be concerned if a few scripts don’t seem to fit; you can always integrate your unique methods. This will demonstrate to cost-conscious FSBOs that you possess the expertise required to guide both them and yourself toward enhanced financial independence.

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