5 Real Estate Email Templates to Market to Your Database

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As a real estate agent, one of your most valuable assets is your database of past clients and potential leads. With email marketing you can easily and consistently communicate with them, increasing the chances they’ll choose you as their agent when they’re ready to buy or sell. Short, direct, and personalized emails work best. To help you get started, here are 5 real estate email templates you can use to market to your database. Just replace the bracketed suggestions with personalized data and you’re ready to go:

1. Showing Follow-Up Email

After you have met or established a relationship with a prospect through a private showing or an open house, it’s smart to follow up. This real estate email template reminds them who you are and sets a proactive and polite tone for the rest of your business relationship.

Remember to thank them for their time and remind them of the home’s most attractive attributes. Then tease another home and leave them wondering what “surprises” it holds. Sure, they can probably find it online, but they’ll still be curious to uncover the house’s secrets in person.

Subject: Nice meeting you at [street address] 

Hello [Prospect Name], 

It was great meeting you at [address] last weekend. I hope you got a good feel for the house and the [benefit of the property — i.e., wonderful landscaping, huge main bedroom, beautiful views]. Please let me know if I can answer any questions you may have. 

If you’re interested in the neighborhood, I also have another property available nearby. It has many of the wonderful qualities that [address] has, with a few surprises! I’d be happy to set up a private showing for you this week. 

I truly value everyone I’ve met and worked with and I’m here for you whenever you need me.  

Thanks again for stopping by! 


[Your name]

2. New Listing Email

Promoting new listings to your contacts keeps you at the cutting edge of the market. Clients can easily access new home listings on sites like Zillow or Redfin, but you can use the resources available only to licensed realtors to show them homes they can’t find anywhere else. Make these emails engaging and valuable by including high-quality images, a virtual tour, and relevant information about the property.

Subject: Ready to swipe right on fresh houses? 

Hello [Client Name], 

Here are a few listings that just hit the market, and I think you’ll like. They meet your criteria of being in [neighborhood #1] and [neighborhood #2]. And they have [requirement #1], [requirement #2], and [requirement #3]. 

⦁ [House #1] [House 1 Virtual Tour] 

⦁ [House #2] [House 2 Virtual Tour] 

⦁ [House #3] [House 3 Virtual Tour] 

⦁ [House #4] [House 4 Virtual Tour] 

⦁ [House #5] [House 5 Virtual Tour] 

To give you a better idea of each, I’ve included a link to a virtual tour for all these properties. Please let me know if you’d like a private showing for any of these homes.  

If none of them hit the mark, I want to know that too. Looking forward to hearing what you think about these houses (especially #4!). 

Happy home regards, 

[Your Name]

3. Neighborhood Expertise Email

No one wants to feel pressured into buying a particular home or choosing a specific real estate agent. This email hints at your expertise without saying, “I’m the best, and you’d be remiss not to work with me.” 

When you communicate that the right fit is your primary objective, you’ll set yourself apart from eager and pushy agents. Remember to customize this real estate email template so it acknowledges their specific interest and offers a wider selection of homes in the neighborhood.

Subject: [Neighborhood] is my dream locale, too. 

Hello [Prospect Name], 

Thanks so much for chatting with me [at address or on the phone] last Sunday. It was great to meet you! 

If you’re interested in seeing more homes in this neighborhood, there are a few I’d like to show you. It’s a competitive area, but my expertise in buying and selling in [neighborhood] is unparalleled. 

Before we jump in, I’d love to learn a little more about what you’re looking for in a new home.  and share my approach to homebuying to make sure I’m the right fit for you. Let’s set up a time to meet. You can click this link to schedule it on my calendar: [Link to meeting tool]. 


[Your Name] 

4. Seller’s Tips Email

Give sellers info that helps attract buyers to their property and connects them with professionals who can help them put their home in its best condition for viewing. This can help clients who are getting ready for tours or an open house ensure sure their showing is a success.

Subject: [Prospect Name], here are some ways to attract more buyers. 

Hi, [Prospect Name]: 

In our last conversation about selling your home, we talked about making some tweaks that would make your house stand out with buyers, so I’m sending you a few links to articles with tips and ideas to help you get started: 

• [Link 1] 

• [Link 2] 

• [Link 3] 

I regularly work with many reputable landscapers and interior designers, and I would be happy to pass along their contact information to you. 

Please let me know if you have any questions! 

With neighborly wishes, 

[Your Name]

5. Potential Seller Email 

This real estate email template can increase the chances of getting a potential client on the phone, where you can learn more about their goals and share what you can offer them. It teases with information about just how much their home is worth and gives them a reason to get in contact.

Subject: Buyers are interested in your home. 

Hello [Prospect Name], 

The market is heating up, and buyers are interested in your neighborhood. This is great news for you because the inventory is low, and the demand is high. 

If you'd be interested in discussing the possibility of listing your home, I have some competitive analysis I'd love to share with you. I think you'll be surprised at just how much we could list your home for. 

If you'd like to learn more, let’s set up a quick 15-minute call . You can choose whatever time is convenient for you here: [Insert calendar link] 

Best regards, 

[Your name] 

Remember, these real estate email templates are only a starting point. You can find more, and more-specific examples online that you can further customize to your specific audiences and messages. Use your email, and use it often, in as targeted a way as you can. It will help you stay in touch and generate new business. 

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