14 Strategies for a Successful Open House 

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Open houses are a great way to get your listing seen by potential buyers. They are especially useful if your property is unique, or if you’re located in a busy, populated area that’s in high demand. Strategies for a successful open house require you to plan and execute your event well. Here are fourteen ways to help you make the most of your open house events:

  1. Choose the right time and day. Choose the time and day that will give you the most exposure. You should consider the needs of your target buyers when making your decision. For example, if you’re selling a family home, you might want to schedule your open house on a weekend afternoon. A commercial open house may be best on a weekday evening.
  1. Prepare the property. Before your open the house, make sure the property is neat, staged, and ready for showing. This means decluttering, cleaning, and making repairs. You should also make sure the property is well-lit and has good “curb appeal.” 
  1. Let people know. Make sure to promote your open house with signs in the neighborhood, postcards, and posts on social media platforms like Nextdoor. Don’t forget to work with your real estate team and all your associates to promote the open house to their networks of buyers. 
  1. Don’t forget the MLS. You should remember to list your open house on the Multiple Listing Service. This is the first-place other agents will discover it and be able to refer their clients to it. 
  1. Offer a raffle or other incentives to attract visitors. This could be a gift card, a free home inspection, or something else that would be appealing to potential buyers. 
  1. Put out directional signs. Top agents recommend that each open house be advertised with at least 20-25 directional signs. Print a map of the area surrounding your open house and include a copy on the signs so people seeing the signs will know which direction to head. Use one map to mark where all of the signs are to be placed, so you can plan best and remove them afterward. The more signs you have out and about, the easier it will be to attract the public’s attention. 
  1. Be friendly and welcoming. Make sure to greet visitors warmly and make them feel welcome—they’re all potential buyers. You should also be available to answer their questions and show them around the property, both during and after the open house. 
  1. Provide refreshments and snacks. This will help to make your open house more inviting and more memorable. 
  1. Turn on the television. If there is a big game or event that day, turn on the television. This will engage the sports fans while the other attendees tour the home. When the television is turned on, visitors may stay longer, providing you with additional opportunities to interact with them on the topic of real estate. 
  1. Be prepared to answer questions. Potential buyers will have questions about the property. Be prepared to answer them in a clear and concise way, or refer them to organizations where they can obtain the data they need. You should also be prepared to provide information about the neighborhood and the surrounding area. 
  1. Follow up. After the open house, be sure to follow up with potential buyers. This might include sending a thank-you note, providing visitors with links to more information about the property, or inviting them to schedule a private showing. 
  1. Consider using open-house software. Doing so can help you quantify the success of one or all of your open houses and see a bigger picture of ways they perform well and ways they might perform better. Tracking visitors and maintaining contact with them can help identify and evaluate potential buyers and their readiness to act. 
  1. Livestream your open house. This is a great way to reach a wider audience and generate excitement about your listing both in the general public and among your social media followers. 
  1. Be professional and knowledgeable. This will help you to build trust with potential buyers and make them more likely to work with you.  


By following these strategies for a successful open house, you can host an event that will help you sell your listing. Even those visitors who may not purchase the home that is held open may be so impressed that they hire you to help them sell or buy their next property. Even if very few people come in the door of your open house, always remember that each and every open house you hold is an opportunity for your next listing. 

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